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  • 4.18.2017 – Indie 420 Special
  • 4.25.2017 – State of the Music Industry Round Table
  • 4.29.2017 – Nasty Disaster 20th Anniversary – Hermon Von Roll’s last Stand… with EOTD and Garbage Barge. [Live Broadcast]


  • 5.2.2017 – Left Hand Backwards [In Studio]
  • 5.7.2017 – Star Wars Jeopardy – League of Extraordinary Frontmen [In Studio/on location]
  • 5.9.2017 – Angel Lopez [Phone Interview]


Random Shit and FUBAR Topics


Last wish!?

This is the moment a dying man was granted his final wish by a nurse at a hospital in Denmark.

Carsten Flemming Hansen was told by staff at the Aarhus University Hospital that he was too sick to undergo surgery on his stomach and would die of internal bleeding.

After being informed of the news by his nurse, Rikke Kvist, he told her of his final wish — to watch the sunset while enjoying one last glass of wine and a cigarette.


Book of the month club


Cannabis Collective

CANADA Justin Trudeau will announce legislation next month that will legalize marijuana in Canada by July 1, 2018.

The federal government will be in charge of making sure the country’s weed supply is safe and secure and Ottawa, the capital, will license producers.

Canada’s provinces will have the right to decide how cannabis will be distributed and sold, as well as set prices. While Ottawa has set a minimum age of 18 to buy marijuana, the provinces will have the option of setting a higher age limit if they choose to do so.



Bad music in the grocery store.

“I am offended as fuck by fuckin britney spears being played in the grocery store. I suspect these corporate fucks are trying to kill me by exposing me to filth. There’s subliminal messages in this telling me to start stabbing the other people shopping here? Oddly they don’t seem to be affected by this travesty whereas I’m noticeably dying… think I can get rich by suing these bastards that are exposing me to such deplorable “music”? I’m writing this email from the frozen food section of Tops grocery store in Carmel NY”

Dumb fucking mother
PHOENIX (AP) — A 9-year-old boy shot in the head by his 2-year-old brother with their mother’s handgun died Tuesday, and their mother told police she had previously let the toddler handle the gun when it wasn’t loaded, authorities said.

Landen Lavarnia was declared dead at a hospital, Phoenix police spokesman Sgt. Vince Lewis said. Police had initially said the boy died on Monday when he was shot. But they corrected themselves and said he remained on life support earlier Tuesday before dying in the late afternoon.

The mother, Wendy Lavarnia, 28, told police she had put her loaded gun on a bed within reach of her 2-year-old and 4-year-old sons while she turned to get a holster, according to court records. That’s when the 2-year-old grabbed the gun and shot her 9-year-old son, who was playing video games a few feet away, police said.

Wendy Lavarnia told police she had allowed “the 2-year-old to practice pulling the trigger of this gun when empty on previous occasions,” the records showed.

Lavarnia had appeared in court briefly before the boy was declared dead, and asked the judge whether she could go to the hospital to see him, but the judge said she couldn’t get out of jail without posting a $25,000 bond. The judge also said she had to stay away from victims in the case as well as any children.

She didn’t have an attorney and spoke little during her brief appearance. She was jailed on suspicion of four counts of child abuse — one count for each of her four children in the home.

Lewis says investigators are examining whether to bring additional charges against the boy’s parents.

The father, 31-year-old Kansas Lavarnia, arrived home as police investigated the shooting. He was arrested because he was barred from having a gun in the family home because of a theft conviction, authorities said. He completed a three-year prison sentence in 2012.

Authorities say he knew there was a gun in his home.

He said only his name and date of birth in his court appearance.

He was ordered released on his own recognizance because he isn’t accused of directly causing harm in the shooting by the 2-year-old, said Maricopa County Court Commissioner Paula Williams.

Fuckem News


All you can eat… unless it’s 50 lbs of food.

According to witnesses, the 51 year old man who lives on welfare, was expelled from the restaurant after he then spent more than 7 hours on-site, ingesting a quantity of food which has been estimated between 50 and 70 pounds.

Despite the fact that the restaurant advertised the buffet as “all-you-can-eat”, the manager of the establishment seems to have  lost patience at some point, telling him that his meal would be free but asking him to leave. The manager’s intervention angered Mr Fleming, and  a brief altercation took place before he was finally pushed out of the restaurant.

He immediately called the police and filed a complaint against the restaurant, and he intends to make the people responsible for his mistreatment, pay for their actions.

“It’s a serious injustice, and I am deeply insulted!” Mr. Flemmings told reporters. “With my income, I rarely go to the restaurant, so I try to get as much as I can for my money when I do. This was the worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant. Not only did they kick me out while I was still hungry, but they looked at me like I was disgusting, like I was not worthy of eating there! It’s unacceptable, and I demand a compensation!”



My Axe is my buddy

An Ohio man was arrested after he allegedly chased a family member with a hatchet.

Noel E. Dawson, 63, of Toledo, was charged Tuesday with domestic violence, assault, criminal damaging, and failure to disclose personal information.

The Toledo Blade reports that Dawson allegedly chased a relative Sunday with a hatchet, swinging the small ax at the man. Dawson tried to hit the man but missed, striking his car instead — leaving a large dent in the hood, according to the Blade.

Dawson refused to give the arresting officer his information and shouted obscenities, court records show.

Dawson has pleaded not guilty. A Toledo County judge ordered him held Tuesday on $50,000 bond.

Attorney information was not immediately available.


I don’t need a lecture

A Kentucky man who attacked his ex-girlfriend and used a knife to remove her scalp told a judge at his sentencing, “I don’t need a lecture,” PEOPLE confirms.

Since his arrest, Zachary Gross has maintained it was his dog — not him — who attacked his ex, Marilyn Stanley, in the fall of 2015, ripping her hair from her head and mangling one of her ears. Despite being convicted last month on a pair of assault charges, Gross, 31, stuck to his story on Wednesday.

“For her injuries — I feel horrible for what happened,” Gross said to Judge Rick Brueggemann, court officials confirm. “I don’t feel responsible. I maintain my innocence. It is what it is. I’m not asking for your mercy. Just give me the 20. I don’t need a lecture.”

Subsequently, Brueggemann sentenced Gross to 21 years in prison, court records show. The extra year stems from a parole violation.

Gross also received an extra month in prison for making an obscene gesture at news cameras during his criminal trial, court records confirm.

The judge also ordered Gross’ dog, a pit bull named “Capone,” euthanized, a court official tells PEOPLE.

Court records indicate that Gross lost his temper in September 2015 after noticing a photo of Stanley and her son on the Facebook page of another man. The attack unfolded inside Gross’ trailer in Walton, Kentucky.

According to prosecutors, Gross confronted Stanley, who grabbed a knife in self-defense. When she refused to drop it, Gross not only assaulted her but also ordered the dog to attack her.

After the attack, Gross forced Stanley to look at herself in a mirror, mocking her appearance and telling her no man would ever want her because she was now bald, court records verify. He later dropped Stanley off at her mother’s house with part of her scalp in a plastic bag.

Stanley could not be reached for comment on Friday. She has undergone six surgeries since the attack and is still unable to regrow her hair.

Is there an emoji for I just shot your texting ass?

PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — A Florida judge on Friday denied a “stand your ground” defense for a retired Florida police officer who fatally shot a man in a movie theater over texting, which means the 74-year-old could stand trial on second-degree murder charges.

Judge Susan Barthle ruled that Curtis is not immune from prosecution in the death of 43-year-old Chad Oulson. The shooting happened in a movie theater in a suburb north of Tampa in January 2014 after the two men got into an argument because Oulson was texting his daughter’s day care during the movie previews.

The two men and their wives were seated near each other during a showing of the movie “Lone Survivor.”

Reeves is free on bond.

Florida has been a leader in giving citizens immunity in cases of self-defense, with its stand-your-ground law serving as an emotional point of debate after several high-profile shooting deaths. That includes the death of unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin.

During a two-week hearing to determine whether Reeves would have to stand trial, Reeves testified he shot Oulson after he was either punched or hit in the face with a cellphone.

“I realized I was in a life-or-death struggle. He was no longer a loudmouth; he was a definite threat,” Reeves said in court. “He was reaching for me. … He was getting ready to punch me. I perceived that. That’s when the pistol came out.”

The judge said a videotape of the events captured that afternoon by a movie theater surveillance camera didn’t support Reeves’ testimony that he felt physically threatened. The video did show Oulson throwing popcorn at Reeves. An instant later, Reeves pulled a gun from his pocket and fired. Oulson was shot in the chest.



Authorities allege a Chicago woman killed her boyfriend by pouring bleach down his throat during a fight, PEOPLE confirms.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office said the cause of Darrius Ellis’ death was “complication of forcible administration of a caustic substance,” an agency spokesperson tells PEOPLE.

Yasmine Elder, 24, was arrested Monday and charged with murder.

She and Ellis, 26, were sitting in a van early Monday when they got into an argument, police said in a news release. Elder allegedly overpowered Ellis and poured the bleach in his mouth around 1:45 a.m.


The father of a 5-year-old son was later found lying on the ground and taken to a hospital, where the medical examiner’s office says he was pronounced dead at 3:26 a.m.

Casserole Killer

TARENTUM, Pa. (AP) — Police in Pennsylvania say a woman shot her husband to death after arguing about a casserole she burned.

She then took a photo of the body, texted it to a friend and showered before calling 911.

The Tribune-Review reports that according to court records, Frazer police responding to the call Monday night found 42-year-old Dennis Drum Sr. lying dead on a bed with a gun in his hand.

His wife, 38-year-old Teresa Drum, told officers her husband shot himself after they argued.

Court records say she showed officers the cellphone photo, claiming she sent it to a friend because she didn’t know what to do. Police say there was no gun in Dennis Drum’s hand in that photo.

Teresa Drum was charged Tuesday with criminal homicide. No attorney information is available.

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