Cyperna – The Apparent Misfortune of Time EP – Review

CypernaEPIt’s no secret that Cyperna is one of my favorite local bands. I’ve been following them along their journey almost as long as they have been a band. I’ve caught them at every sized show and have witnessed all the member changes.

The band has come a long way from their first recording. They have grown musically, and have gotten progressively heavier, tighter and meaner.

After their last album A Darker Side of Matter I felt the band would be hard pressed to decimate any harder. But this EP definitely does just that.

I was fortunate enough to get this EP from the guys the night they left Atrium studios with the specific instructions to not play it as they were still tweaking things.

1. Author Of My Path – Right out of the gate the CD doesn’t hold back and punches you right in the face. While not as brutally mean as previous outings, it eases you into what you can expect will be a good time.  At about 1:20 things get all hectic and crazy much akin to that Cyperna sound we’ve come to know and love only to return to a groove.

2. Destroyer Of My Seed – The first “single” that the guys released decimates everything in it’s path. I’ve been fortunate to witness the guys play this one LIVE and it’s just as heavy, brutal and mean as the recording, which is something Atrium Studio has definitely perfected. Dialing into the intensity that the band brings to a live performance and recreating it onto disc.

3. Tethered – Hot start with the chaotic brutality that Cyperna is known for, this track makes me want to drive fast and take chances.

4. Moonlight Acquisition – Another hot start as JT screams; this has some really weird timing, and melodic component that highlights the band’s musicianship. That ends and resumes beating you about the head and neck with sheer force. This track is definitely my favorite of the bunch.

5. Gods X – Hard hitting, heart pounding, machine gun firing, kickass track right up until the end where it turns into spooky piano esque music akin to a music box. Simply brutal.

Overall this EP is exactly what you come to expect from Cyperna. Brutal, heavy, mean tracks that make you want to break stuff. My only negative to this disc is that it’s over so quickly. And that is a positive really as I’m just begging for more.

Be sure to check out the brand new disc which you can get for FREE. You can be one of the first by showing up at The Outer Space in Hamden on April 23rd for the epic CD Release show.



Vocals – JT Stoyak
Guitar – Steve Barrett
Guitar – Mike Pinto
Drums – Shawn Cavanaugh
Bass – Jay Madore

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Nasty Disaster – Flithy Drunken Metal Bastards – CD Review

Nasty disaster

There are few albums in this day and age of the interwebs and spotifications that you feel a sense of excitement when it finally reaches your hands.

But when the brand new Nasty Disaster album was finally in my grubby little mitts, not only was I excited, but there was a wave of nostalgia that rushed over my entire body.

Never mind the fact that entire CT Metal Community, have been patiently waiting for a true Full Length Nasty Disaster album for over a decade, the sheer exuberance of metal radiating from the disc is not calculable.

Starting first with the packaging, this disc SCREAMS metal. The artwork is top notch and oozes metal nostalgia from the photoshopped abs to the bottle of Jack in Dick Mcplenty’s hands all the way down to Ian McRock’s kilt. Lightening and scimitars, devil horns and swords, the cover gives off the hint of comedy that the band is known for and is an instant win.

Onto the music. Picking up this disc is like getting a best of album from your favorite band. These are the songs we have all heard so many times at Cherry Street. The same ones we know all the words to and in some cases all the mannerisms of Herman VonRoll.

Play some fucking Metal Just hearing the intro bass riff puts a big ol shit eating grin on my face. I know what is in store. What a perfect and apropo way to start this disc chock full of fucking metal.

Don’t Bust My fucking Balls A classic track filled to the brim with misogynistic language and themes, with blatant sexual bravado. This is a fan favorite what more need to be said!? Honestly!?

Filthy Drunken Metal Bastards Booze and metal. They go together like a horse and carriage. This is a thrashy sort of tune with high energy and quick lyrics.

We Live for Heavy Metal This track has a real nostalgic feel, like something right out of the 80’s. Even though this band is comical in their delivery and presence this track gives a really great indication of just how musically talented the band is and the leads shred hard.

Satan is Cumming One of my favorite tracks by the band simply because I find myself singing the words long after the song is over, which is not always appropriate. The AC/DC “inspired” lead in the intro just reinforces the metal found within.

Fighting for Metal An arena rocker if ever there was one. Stand up and FIGHT FOR METAL! This song Kicks your fucking ass!

I Like to Fuck First off, if you do like to fuck. this is an anthem written just for you. Simple sing along lyrics that you know by the first verse make this an instant hit.

Sluts of Metal Another track rife with sex, and vulgarity, even by metal standards. Although, this vulgarity is what makes this track so much fun, and funny in the first place, because of the sheer ridiculousness. This is a Nasty D classic and a great way to end the album. SUCK IT!

FINAL THOUGHTS: First and foremost, this is an album that should come with it’s own Parental Advisory poster. This is not one of those albums you can put on with the kids in the car. The themes are not subtle, and the lyrics are hyper-offensive. While, some would say that Nasty Disaster is, for the most part, a comedy act, the musicianship is top notch.

All in all this is a wonderful album filled to the brim with high quality metal that is fun, energetic and vulgar as fuck. The production is of the highest caliber and really allows the band’s high energy ridiculousness to shine through in a way that you don’t see all too often. This is a must have for any metal fans library. If you are into bands like Steel Panther and Tenacious D this is a no brainer. Long live the D!
Herman VonRohl: Lead Vocals,
Ian McRok: Lead Guitar/Vocals,
Ron Zombie: Guitar/Bass,
Viking Rock: Bass/Guitar,
Dick Mcplenty; Bass,
Rikki Stixxx: Drums/Bass,
Sir Adrian Harris: Bass/Guitar,
Death Stick: Drums

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Alternative Control – Quality Control, Volume 2 – Compilation Review

Alternative Control - Quality Control, Volume 2 cover

A compilation album is an album featuring tracks from one or more performers, often culled from a variety of sources, usually collected according to a common characteristic, such as popularity, genre, source or subject matter.

Alternative Control, a Connecticut e-zine about metal… And everything else you need to live, has put together just such an album filled to the brim with metal… and one acoustic track.

14 tracks of independent goodness at a price you can afford. NAME YOUR OWN. Everything from Hotels, to Car Insurance has a name your own price feature these days, and while it  would seem really discouraging that most people would pay the minimum amount, in 2007, Radiohead claims it actually made more money off the “pay what you want” release than any other album.

Without costs of production, inventory, shipping or cuts to the middleman, it makes loads of sense to utilize the “give it away and pray” name-your-own-price business model.

CYPERNA — Excuse Me, That’s Mine

Before anyone gets all crazy, I’ve gone ahead and reported Alternative Control to the CDC for spreading Cyperna. That being said, what better way to start an album chock full of metal than with the ever crushing CT powerhouse, Cyperna. If you don’t like that, You sir… can go fuck yourself.


Up next is southern CT metalcore outfit Jimmy Junk Bird and the Stiffs, which while not as polished from an audio engineering standpoint, thrashes along nicely maintaining the fast pace set out by the intro track.

BARN BURNER — No Rest for the Wiccan

Defunct Barn Burner from Quebec slow things down a touch with No Rest for the Wiccan.

BARREN WOMB — Kill Hicks

 The inclusion of Barren Womb from “across the pond” shows the reach of the internet based Alternative Control and exposes many who may not have been aware of the band to the noisy punk stylings. As the owner of a station that supports global independent music, I am glad these tracks are included on an otherwise “local” compilation.

INTO THE COVEN — The Witching Hour

Brand new music from Danbury based Into The Coven. The track has an almost a marching sort of feel and feels like Metal Church. I reviewed the entire album, it rips. Go get it today!

LIQUOR BARON — Thin Blue Line

Next up is the Hardcore, thrash outfit Liqour Baron. Loud, angry, and mean. A no nonsense track.


From Newburgh, NY, Locutus has an almost modern rock vibe that is sort of reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age with flair. 37 pieces of it to be exact.

KAOS REIGN — Hostage

What happens when you put a bunch of scene veterans into one band? You get Kaos Reign, a balls out metal band with thrashy roots. This track speeds things up a notch, perhaps two.

BEDROOM REHAB CORPORATION — No Payment for the Boatman

This is my first time checking out this 2 piece bass & drums doom rock band from New London, CT and I gotta say I FN love it! Sludgy goodness mix with fuzz to create a stoner doom sound that is quite enjoyable. Send me to BEDROOM REHAB CORPORATION stat!

LIGHTSBANE — The Long Night

Well, this compilation just got far more disappointing. Lightsbane hails from Ansonia CT and are the self proclaimed most disappointing band in all the land. The Long Night is a whirl wind of guitars and growling. Super heavy and technical this track steps things into high gear.

KALI MA — Chasing the Tail of Dogma

Instru-metal, brutal, savage, technical, and mean. Kali Ma is no joke and find their rightful spot on the compilation ensuring your face is properly and sufficiently melted clear off.

HEADGUN — Guilty

Another band I’m just now discovering, Headgun is a modern rock band that has a sound similar to classic Stone Temple Pilots. This track is good, but coming after the brutal Kali Ma makes it sound weaker by comparison. A great track as an introduction to the band for those of us who are not familiar.

RAIL — More Lies

RAIL has a punk rock feel that is reminiscent of Bad Religion mixed with a hardcore attitude. As the shortest track on the compilation, it almost feels rushed, but due to the brevity leaves you wanting more from the band.

LYRA — Breath and Blade

Melodic and symphonic, Lyra has a progressive feel and operatic delivery at times that makes it a stand out track. Specifically because of the female singer.

CHRISTIAN F. LAWRENCE — Maybe (Battleship)

This track doesn’t belong on this compilation. It’s slow and acoustic sound is sort of a bring down for the ending. Very anti-climactic. I’m a fan of Opus, but I think a track from Dead By Wednesday‘s Death of a Rockstar would have been a far better fit for this particular compilation which shredded and chugged right up until the end.


Overall this is a wonderful compilation of music. Each track stands on it’s own but mixes well with the others. The inclusion of the acoustic track feels like it was tacked on withouth much thought for the whole and because it was the end, it came off very anti-climactic.

Many of the songs leave enough of an impression that you want more from the individual artists, and at the end of the day the goal of the compilation is met.

The name your price option truly means that you could steal this album, and what a steal it would be.