OFNR returns to LIVE365


Recently, OFNR received an email from The American Society Of Composers Authors & Publishers (ASCAP) stating that they have terminated it’s license with STREAM LICENSING effective June 30, 2017, after several months trying to resolve the situation.

That left OFNR in a huge conundrum what to do next, and how to proceed. In the almost 11 years of broadcasting we have NEVER run afoul of our licensing/royalty commitments.

Of course after what happened with Stream Licensing and ASCAP, OFNR cannot, in good faith, continue to pay Stream Licensing for BMI and SESAC licensing, which they also covered, leaving OFNR to either pay each licensing body separately, or find a new service to handle the distribution of royalties.

Back in 2006 when OFNR started, we ran under a company called Live365. Sadly, in late December, 2015, Live365 laid off most of its employees and vacated its office, and the few remaining employees were working from home. On January 31, 2016 Live365 ceased webcasting and over 5,000 internet stations went dark, a truly heartbreaking moment even though OFNR was no longer part of the service.

Thankfully, Live365 has been rescued and is resurging to be better than ever. They have new owners, a renewed passion for small webcasters, and fierce dedication to come back stronger. The ‘new’ Live365 is more dedicated and passionate about giving small webcasters a voice and tools they need to succeed in Internet radio.

And that is why, we are proud to announce that OFNR has once again joined forces with Live365 to continue to be able to LEGALLY play music on our station. In a sense, we are home.

There is a great history of OFNR and Live365. In 2009, we won $1,000 from Live365 for our entry in their “Why I love Live365” video contest:

If not for Live365, OFNR would never have even started to begin with. Their forums gave us the tools we needed, and the company was always good to us and fought to keep rates reasonable and sane.

Please note, any and ALL previous tune in links will no longer work.  The new links to tune in are as follows:

PC Tune in: https://goo.gl/SjwXXq

TuneIn App:
Android: https://goo.gl/G3thfg
Iphone: https://goo.gl/4M5yr1

Son of a Saint

In 2010, the owner of Kink-E-Magazine introduced OFNR to a band known as The Biting Saints. The band quickly became an instant fan favorite and were heavily e-quested.

After several years, they, like many bands before them, went their separate ways.

Throughout the time with the band, the lead singer, Angel Manuel Lopez, was getting experience working as a graphic artist.

Fast forward 7 years and not only is Angel still a graphic artist, but he is a damn good one.


Many people claim to be ‘graphic designers’, ‘graphic artists’, or ‘digital designers’, but, very few can deliver the goods. They either have an abundance of creativity but don’t have the technical skill to execute the vision, or they have all the skill in the world but are sorely lacking in imagination.

Then, there’s Angel. I have had the good fortune to not only utilize his knowledge, skill and acumen to become a better designer myself, but I have also had the pleasure of calling Angel my friend.

If you need art, Angel is the guy to go to, from poster prints to band merchandise, Angel runs the gamut of amazing craftsmanship, aptitude, and artistic ability putting him in the position to attend the Great Philadelphia Comic Con as a vendor.

You can catch Angel at the Five Points Festival Artist Alley (an area of Five Points reserved for creators who hand draw or hand make art) May 20-21 and of course on the web at these locations.


OFNR Presents: Stompilation Vol. II

Available NOW for FREE Download OFNR Presents: Stompilation Vol. II with these awesome global independent bands.


Artwork by Lord Madd Graffix – Don’t get mad, get Lord Madd Graffixx

  1. Intro
  2. She Walks Without Legs – Wanderer
  3. Jimmy Junk Bird & The Stiffs – WWIII Flying Ace
  4. MooseJuice – I Don’t Care
  5. Kaos Reign – Kill The Messenger
  6. I within I – Brother
  7. Acoustic Intro
  8. Vision Within – Ride (Acoustic From OFNR)
  9. Dead By Wednesday – You and Die (Acoustic From OFNR)
  10. Jesse James – Country Boy In A Metal Head’s Skin (Acoustic From OFNR)
  11. Acoustic Outro
  12. Demon’s Past – Waiting
  13. Stagger – Liquid Date
  14. Hour of Anguish – Farewell to The Flesh
  15. Cyperna –  Moonlight Acquisition
  16. Insano Vision – Isolation
  17. Outro

This album was FREE to make, FREE for the bands, and most importantly, FREE for you our fans! So download it today and share it with everyone you know!

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