OFNR – A decade of dedication

I have to start this blog entry by thanking each and every person who has ever tuned in, donated, come to one of our live events, or otherwise supported this crazy thing called OFNR.

OFNR started as a joke, a way for my friends and I to do radio while we tried to get into the radio industry. 10 years later it has become so much more than that. Hell, it’s become so much more than just a radio station. I make flyers, videos, websites, and all sorts of multimedia for local artists usually at a low cost or even free.

That’s not because I’m a terrible business person. But because I don’t see OFNR as a business. It’s not the way I make money. Sure broadcasting is something I would love to make a living doing, but that’s so secondary. OFNR is a community service. It’s a helpline to rock and metal musicians. A way to make good honest connections.

For me personally, at it’s core, OFNR is my way of staying connected to music. Music has always been the one constant in my life. And to be honest, Terrestrial Radio is so boring that if I didn’t have OFNR I probably wouldn’t listen to music much.

Just by keeping OFNR alive, I’ve gone to so many amazing shows over the past 10 years I have lost count. But I’ve also been around long enough to see bands come and go. It’s a difficult thing being in a band. So many personalities with varying degrees of turmoil and personal struggle.

I’ve also seen trends change. For instance, in 2006 Myspace was still around and very popular.


10 years is a long time to do anything, I haven’t even held a job that long. There’s so much to say, but in the end, I really just want to say thanks. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of the local community. For showing me even an ounce of respect. I am just a music fan with way too much time on my hands. I’m not doing anything that any other person couldn’t do.

I’m sincerely proud to be looked at in the metal community as someone with conviction and dedication to supporting the local music community in a real way. By showing up, and caring about the bands, as performers and, more so, as people. There are many members of the rock and metal bands in this state I consider friends. Some I’d even go as far as saying they are my family. People I can trust and respect.

I hope everyone can make it out to FN FEST this year on 9.24.2016 at Cherry Street to celebrate with us. It’s been a hell of a ride, and I cannot wait to see what’s next.

OFNR Presents: Stompilation Vol. II

Available NOW for FREE Download OFNR Presents: Stompilation Vol. II with these awesome global independent bands.


Artwork by Lord Madd Graffix – Don’t get mad, get Lord Madd Graffixx

  1. Intro
  2. She Walks Without Legs – Wanderer
  3. Jimmy Junk Bird & The Stiffs – WWIII Flying Ace
  4. MooseJuice – I Don’t Care
  5. Kaos Reign – Kill The Messenger
  6. I within I – Brother
  7. Acoustic Intro
  8. Vision Within – Ride (Acoustic From OFNR)
  9. Dead By Wednesday – You and Die (Acoustic From OFNR)
  10. Jesse James – Country Boy In A Metal Head’s Skin (Acoustic From OFNR)
  11. Acoustic Outro
  12. Demon’s Past – Waiting
  13. Stagger – Liquid Date
  14. Hour of Anguish – Farewell to The Flesh
  15. Cyperna –  Moonlight Acquisition
  16. Insano Vision – Isolation
  17. Outro

This album was FREE to make, FREE for the bands, and most importantly, FREE for you our fans! So download it today and share it with everyone you know!

CLICK HERE to Download!

2015 Year in Review

yearofthemonkeyHappy New Year FN Fans! 2015 was an awesome year for us here at OFNR Studios! We live broadcast a bunch of awesome local shows in 2015.

Live Broadcasts

  • 3.3.2015 – CT Metal Goes Acoustic at the OuterSpace with Composing the Apocalypse, Fear The Masses, I Swear I’m a Madman
  • 3.27.2015 – Khasm Reunion show in March at the OuterSpace, with Khasm, Curse the Sun, Lyra, and Priapism, James & Johnson, Our Own Destruction, and The Shape
  • 5.29.2015 – Death from Above (Fest) at Cook’s Cafe with The Maddening Process, Carnivora, Eyes of The Dead and Framework
  • 6.6.2015 – 666 Fest at Cherry Street Station we recorded Gorganite Scum, Map the mind, Rise & Resist
  • 6.13.2015 – BaconFest At Cherry Street Station with City of Iron, Dream of Scipio, Fear the Masses, Goat Herder, I Within I, Insano Vision, Nasty  Disaster, and The Shape
  • 6.27.2015 & 6.28.2015 – Posidemic Ntertainment Anniversary at Cherry Street Station with 2 days worth of local bands
  • 7.11.2015 – AxeFest at City Limits with Dead By Wednesday, Disguise The Curse, Hollow, Kali Ma, Kings & Liars, Sinaro, The Shape, and Flotsam & Jetsam
  • 7.18.2015 – Falling Further CD Release at Cherry Street Station with Alter Ego, Crossing Rubicon, Sirius Fades, Vision Within, and Falling Further
  • 8.21.2015 – Local Show Kickass At Cherry Street Station with 60Grit, End Time Illusion, Eyes of the Dead, Imperium Mortis, & Violence Prevails
  • IMG_0058
    8.23.2015 – SlothFest at Bleachers Sports Bar with 60 Grit, Archaic Decapitator, Beneath the Marrow, Continuum, End Time Illusion, Eyes of The Dead, Kayotik, Stockholm Syndrome, The Shape, Tyrant Trooper, & Violence Prevails.
  • IMG_0374
    9.5.2015 – Metal Cyndicate Presents: Diversity of Metal Fest with Agrippa93, Demon’s Past, Entierro, Eyes of the Dead, Fear The Masses, In the Red, Insano Vision, Shallow Ground.
  • IMG_0912
    9.19.2015 Warcockapalooza with Apostasy, Cyperna, Dream of Scipio, End Time Illusion, & Simple Machinery.
  • 9.22.2015 Scotty Anarychy’s Birthday Bash with a War Within, Crossing Rubicon, Darkness Divided, Hollow, It Lies Within, & Sirius Fades
  • 10.03.2015 FN FEST with In The Red, Everbody Hates Me, Korotory, Stagger, and I Within I
  • 10.17.2015 Benefit for Buck with Alcoholica, Nasty Disaster, Big Ed, Drained of Life, JamesNJohnson, & Risk All in Life
  • 11.14.205 Into The Coven Farewell show with The Maddening Process, I Within I, Insano Vision, and Into The Coven
  • 11.21.2015 Pre-Turkey Metal Massacre with Jimmy Junk Bird and the Stiffs, Continuum, She Walks without Legs, & Intercourse.

We also had some amazing interviews and discussions on Indie 180.


Full Playlist available on YouTubebanner

1.2.2015 – Kevin MF King of Intercourse

1.20.2015 – Opus of Dead By Wednesday

2.3.2015 – Ian Carlucci

2.17.2015 – Drew of The Maddening Process

3.10.2015 – Joshua Moore of Fear the Masses

3.31.2015 – Archaic Decapitator

4.14.2015 – Chris of the Old Bridge Metal Militia

5.5.2015 – Jesse James of Posidemic Ntertainment

5.26.2015 – She Walks Without Legs

6.16.2015 – Mike of Falling Further

6.24.2015 – Lipshok

7.7.2015 – Opus of Dead By Wednesday

8.4.2015 – Travel Amygdala

8.18.2015 – Eve To Adam

9.1.2015 – Orcumentary

9.15.2015 – Vision Within and Paul Coleman of As Darkness Dies

10.6.2015 – Kaos Reign

10.27.2015 – Jazan Wild

Indie 180

11.24.2015 – Vision Within

1.12.2015 – Marwood’s Fall

1.27.2015 – Mile Marker Zero

2.10.2015 – Samsara

3.4.2015 – Eye of Anubis

3.17.205 – Adam Grayer of Coldcock Whiskey

4.7.2015 – Adam Lopez

4.28.2105 – Cyperna

5.12.2015 – Scotty Anarchy of Crossing Rubicon

6.9.2015 – Korotory
6.21.2015 – Calatrilloz

6.30.2015 – Conscious Cadaver

7.21.2015 – Jeff of Everybody Hates Me

8.11.2015 – Jeff Miles of Hollowman Promotions

8.25.2015 – Requiem

9.8.2015 – Rob of Violence Prevails

9.29.2015 – FN 9 Year Anniversary Show special phone interview with Kriadiaz

10.13.2015 – Brenton Vaughn

11.10.2015 – Shallow Ground

Check out entire Episodes of Indie 180 on YouTubebanner

As we begin 2016, The Year of the monkey, we would like to thank all of you for supporting OFNR, for letting us come and capture your band at your favorite venue. And of course to those venues for allowing us to setup, and broadcast live we salute you!