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Darkitecht – E.P. Review

One part CT, one part NOLA, one part cure for Cyperna?

All kidding aside, there’s a brand new metal band storming out of Southern CT, featuring former members of Inablackout. The 4 piece Darkitecht has hit the ground running releasing it’s very first 4 song self titled E.P.

Darkitecht logoThe album starts with acoustic guitars and a woman speaking some foreign language and saying the band name, then the album rips into the first track proper.

1.) Led Astray – Lots of time changes keep this track moving, with a thrash like feel at times.

2.) Eaten Alive – Heavy and thrashy, this track has an awesome very upfront bass track that makes Mike Simmons stand out; it also has one of the best leads on the entire album.

3.) The Answers Why – By far my favorite track on the album. The Pantera influence resonates strongly in this track and could have easily come off the Far Beyond Driven album.  With the catchy and easily memorable “So then… Why ask why…” chorus this song can easily get lodged in your head and make you want to hear it again and again.

4.) Fakeman – a track dedicated to fake people within the music community. You know the ones. Those that are always talking about supporting one another, but never actually going to any shows but their own, which they so kindly play their set and leave. A great heavy track through and through.

The ending of the disc includes voices and someone saying how all the tracks sound the same, a satirical look on not only the band, but the metal scene, and a common misconception from outsiders. This disc has only 4 tracks on it, and while there is certainly an overall sound, the tracks in no way sound alike. Each stands alone and yet complement the others.

All in all, this E.P. is a great first effort from this brand new band! It leaves you wanting more and that is always a good thing from any band.

This is a band that has tons of potential to grow into a powerhouse in the CT metal community and beyond, and this album represents a great first outing, and initial foray into the world of DARKITECHT. Pick this disc up today!

Darkitecht Band

  • The Bagman – Vocals
  • Billy V – Guitars
  • Sir. Michael Simmons – Bass
  • Danny Eye – Drums


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