stompilation vol.1 cover

Stompilation Vol. 1

Released in 2011 Official FN Radio gives you a “Stompilation” of eleven amazing songs from global independent bands.

  1. Wings of Apollo – Bourbon Street
  2. Cursed By Reason – Mirrors Play Tricks on the Blind
  3. Ikillya – Godsize
  4. Trial by Terror – U.F.F.
  5. Locked Together in Hatred – Old Demons are new beginnings
  6. Two Fisted Law – Late Nights and Bar Fights (ACOUSTIC) Recorded Live at OFNR Studios
  7. Not The Kid – That Road (ACOUSTIC) Recorded Live at OFNR Studios
  8. Biting Saints – Morbis Mentis
  9. Borgo Pass – Rid Myself of You
  10. Odd Zero – Peculiar Thing – Recorded Live at the Trash Bar
  11. Darren Galpin of Blastoma – The End of it all (ACOUSTIC) Recorded Live at OFNR Studios

Here it is in all it’s downloadable glory. FOR FREE! Includes Rare OFNR Studio recordings and Live Performance audio from NYC.


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