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Enemy of Reason – The Wars Inside – Album Review

I had read once that “Writing about music is like singing your Housing Benefit Application. Pointless and best left to the demented and those with too much time on their hands.” As a music connoisseur, and radio station owner, I am asked to do album reviews pretty regularly, so I guess it’s a good thing that I am both demented and also have some extra time to spare.

Reviewing albums allows me to become extra familiar with a band’s work, enforcing the need to listen carefully and look for the nuances. It’s more than just popping in the disc and giving an opinion. It’s a journey into the music itself.

My journey this time around lead me into the world of ENEMY OF REASON. A Connecticut hard rock band that does everything right to set themselves apart from the crowd. In a state where brutal, savage, metal bands are the norm, it’s awesome to find bands that don’t quite fit that mold. Mix one part Godsmack, with progressive sounds from Dream Theater, (or Queensrÿche) and add in strong hooks, and an overall tight production, and you have Enemy of Reason’s debut album The Wars Inside.
Enemy of Reason Wars Inside Cover

The Wars Inside consists of several various rock styles melded together expertly to create something fresh and exciting.

By The Way – Right out of the gate the guitar work could be something you find on a Godsmack album, then it evolves. By mixing in an actual vocalist who sings makes a huge difference with the overall feeling of this song and it is certainly a standout track. Great way to start off the disc, leaving you wanting to hear the rest of album; so Pull me out of the wreckage and lets move on…

Violent Dream – Coming in HOT with no intro of any kind, this track has a progressive feel with guitars that are steady and pulsating right into shredding leads. Not a very long track, coming in at 2:29, this track flies by.

Tick TockWhat do I got to do to get you to realize this band is modern rock at it’s finest, Tick Tock, like Violent Dream before it, is a shorter track that maintains a steady feeling with catchy hooks and overall strong song progression.

Wrong – Starting with bass and leading into chuggy goodness that can be described as march-like. Talking parts meld with singing parts, meld all together with the straight forward rock format making this track a success for any rock lover.

Feel The Life – Slower, methodical intro into a heavy part, right back into the methodical pace makes this track completely different than the rest, yet it maintains the sound of the band. Almost Dream theater-esque vocals mix very well with the slowed down feel of this track.

The Game is Over – Bass starts off the track into chugs and progressive sounding guitars that finish off the CD much as it started, a melding of many styles that surprisingly go well together.

Overall this album is a great addition to your collection if you are a fan of Modern rock. If you are looking for blast beats, or crazy metal, look elsewhere, however if you like straight up rock and roll this is indeed a wonderful album that seems to go by too quick. Produced very well with no lacking components, it is easy to find yourself back at the beginning of the disc without skipping tracks or wondering what the band is doing. There are no surprises, just straight rock to your face, and that is a welcomed change.

Enemy of Reason is:
Vocals – Mike Baran
Lead Guitar – Greg St. Amant
Rhythm Guitar – Jeremy Pavano
Bass – Jason Aubrey
Drums – Keith Cheney
In Studio Drums – Joe Sags

Enemy of Reason

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