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  • 3.18.2017 – SWWL, VRSA, Falling Further, Vision Within – Cherry Street [Live Broadcast]
  • 3.21.2017 – NO SHOW
  • 3.28.2017 – Blood of Angels [Phone Interview]


  • 4.4.2017 – Dan Vieu – Promote Rise of the Underground [Phone]
  • 4.8.2017 – Rise of the Underground (Vision Within, Falling Further, Cross The Divide, Paragon Theorem, Sirius Fades and Vespera) – Cherry Street [Live Broadcast]
  • 4.25.2017 – State of the Music Industry Round Table
  • 4.29.2017 – Nasty Disaster 20th Anniversary – Hermon Von Roll’s last Stand… with EOTD and Garbage Barge. [Live Broadcast]


  • 5.2.2017 – Left Hand Backwards [In Studio]
  • 5.7.2017 – Star Wars Jeopardy – League of Extraordinary Frontmen [In Studio/on location]


  • 7.9.2017 – Indie 180 Presents – 3 Kisses – Cherry Street [Live Broadcast]


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Fuckem News

Sucked off 60 dudes

Grandma got punched on her scooter

A great-grandmother suffered bruises to the face and arms after she claims she was punched multiple times by a woman on Sunday in the bread aisle of a Walmart in Atlanta, Georgia.

Sandra McClung, 75, spoke to WALB News, a local news station, on Tuesday, saying, “I thought I was safe. I was in Walmart. There had to be something wrong with her, because you just don’t do that.”

McClung was in one of the store’s mobility scooters when she accidentally ran into Alexa Venderburg with her scooter, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The paper, citing a police report, says Venderburg cursed at McClung to move out of the way. When McClung did, the paper says, she cursed Venderburg under her breath, which incited Venderburg to allegedly punch McClung in the face several times, the newspaper reports.

“She starts socking me as hard as she could in the face, which you can tell by my face that it was pretty hard,” McClung claimed to WALB News.

McClung also spoke to WSB-TV, another local news station, about the ordeal, saying, “I had my glasses on and she just kept socking me in the glasses and then she socked me in my mouth because my mouth is real sore.”

“I kept screaming, ‘Help.’ Nobody came,” McClung added.

Walmart security eventually came to help her and that’s when she said she noticed Venderburg had left her cell phone behind.

“She had dropped her phone in my buggy,” McClung tells WSB-TV. “Seems God did that so we could find her.”

Venderburg could face assault and battery charges, according to WALB News.

Seafood Smackdown

CITY ISLAND, The Bronx — The bar at Seafood City in the Bronx closed early Friday after a vicious chair-throwing brawl broke out at the family restaurant the night before.

Video captured the chaos that ensued at the restaurant on City Island Avenue Thursday night.

Multiple people were seen throwing chairs around in the large dining room for several minutes.

Police were called to the scene, but by the time they arrived the people involved in the fight were gone. There was no police report filed.

It’s unclear what started the fight, but Seafood City’s management said they believe alcohol was a factor.

“The kids just seems to be, just lack any kind of decency or morals today. There’s no consequences for their behaviors. It’s really sad and it’s unfortunate the kids would come to a family place like this and totally disrupt and cause chaos,” a woman outside the restaurant told PIX11 News.

The restaurant stopped serving alcohol by 6 p.m. on Friday. It will close at that time until further notice, according to signs posted by the management.

Seafood City is known for its affordable food and family-style atmosphere. The incident is isolated, but many people in the neighborhood aren’t happy about it.

A community board member is calling for the state to suspend the restaurant’s liquor license.

“I’m urging the state liquor authority to take a good look at how this can happened here, how the lax is the security and how we can remove it. We need to have the liquor license suspended immediately. We can’t have our family take that risk anymore,” Majorie Velazquez from Community Board 10 said.

GTA Cheat Code… in real life!?

Some people throw things when they’re unhappy, others convert their bulldozer into a tank and destroy half their town.

Marvin John Heemeyer chose the latter option after losing a zoning dispute. The outraged welder and auto mechanic outfitted his Komatsu D355A bulldozer with homemade armor plating.

Using 5000 psi Quikrete concrete mix layered between sheets of tool steel, Heemeyer covered his cabin, engine, and portions of his tracks with 1 foot thick armor plates.

He mounted multiple cameras around the exterior which could be viewed by multiple monitors mounted to the dashboard.

This man was so outraged he was willing to destroy a town, but maintained the thoughtful composure to include air jets that would blast dust away from the camera lenses. Now that’s planning ahead!

Heemeyer also added multiple gun ports for his .50 caliber, .308 caliber, and .22 caliber rifles. Once his machine was finished, the rampage began.

Local police in Granby, Colorado were completely helpless to stop the improvised tank. The 200+ rounds of ammunition fired at the tank-dozer may as well have been spitballs and the three explosives they planted on the armor did literally jack squat.

Authorities later discovered a homemade remote control crane Heemeyer used to mount the armor hull over his cabin after he was already inside. The disgruntled man clearly had no intention of leaving the tank alive, and his rampage only ended after he died from a self inflicted gunshot wound

Can’t an old man get a table dance?

A 26-year-old former nursing home employee was charged after police say she performed a sexually provocative act involving a 100-year-old resident.

The incident was recorded by another former nursing home employee, police say.

Brittany L. Fultz, 26, of Marblehead, is facing a charge of gross sexual imposition.

Police says the act was similar to a lap dance. The male resident has dementia, police say.

Fultz was released from the Erie County Jail.  She could not be reached to comment.

The incident happened at The Commons of Providence, at 5000 Providence Drive, in December.

Officials at The Commons of Providence did not return calls.

Fultz was set for a hearing in court Tuesday. The court said the case was rescheduled.

Liquor in the front, unemployment in the rear.

Fernando Bryant, a cornerback who played 10 NFL seasons, was fired from a job as head coach of a Georgia high school football team less than three weeks after signing his contract.

The apparent reason? A three-year old photo on his wife’s Instagram account.

A first-round pick of the Jacksonville Jaguars in 1999, Bryant signed a contract to be the head coach of Strong Rock Christian School, but not long after the school asked him to resign, allegedly after parents raised issues about his past on social media.

Talking to WXIA, Bryant said that when he refused to resign, he was fired.

Bryant’s termination letter specifically mentions social media as the reason he was let go, but he said he was never told which specific post or posts led to the school’s decision.

“This letter will confirm that Strong Rock Christian School has made a decision not to move forward with your employment in the position of head coach of the football team and physical education teacher.

As we discussed, after we made the offer to you, some within our parent community raised concerns regarding your family’s public presence on social media and the internet and questioned whether the postings and information were consistent with our Christian values.

We’re sorry that our relationship had to end before it started. We wish you the best,” the letter stated.

A source within the football program provided WXIA with the photo that apparently caused the controversy, a three-year old photo on Amber Bryant’s Instagram account of the couple at a party, with Fernando holding a bottle of liquor. The football team source said program officials knew of the photo before hiring Fernando Bryant, but a parent raised concerns.


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