OFNR Presents: Stompilation Vol. II

Available NOW for FREE Download OFNR Presents: Stompilation Vol. II with these awesome global independent bands.


Artwork by Lord Madd Graffix – Don’t get mad, get Lord Madd Graffixx

  1. Intro
  2. She Walks Without Legs – Wanderer
  3. Jimmy Junk Bird & The Stiffs – WWIII Flying Ace
  4. MooseJuice – I Don’t Care
  5. Kaos Reign – Kill The Messenger
  6. I within I – Brother
  7. Acoustic Intro
  8. Vision Within – Ride (Acoustic From OFNR)
  9. Dead By Wednesday – You and Die (Acoustic From OFNR)
  10. Jesse James – Country Boy In A Metal Head’s Skin (Acoustic From OFNR)
  11. Acoustic Outro
  12. Demon’s Past – Waiting
  13. Stagger – Liquid Date
  14. Hour of Anguish – Farewell to The Flesh
  15. Cyperna –  Moonlight Acquisition
  16. Insano Vision – Isolation
  17. Outro

This album was FREE to make, FREE for the bands, and most importantly, FREE for you our fans! So download it today and share it with everyone you know!

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