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OFNR – The incomplete history – Part 1

FN RAdio Evolution
Connecticut Schools of Broadcasting

It was the first day of day classes at Connecticut School of Broadcasting (CSB, Farmington, CT), when Bob Marino met Aaron Howard.  Upon sitting down to begin class (next to each other coincidentally enough) Aaron and Bob were quickly introduced through the first project that they were handed (an interview sheet). Sure enough they had to interview each other and when the assignment was finished they had to present each other to the class. From that point on they become friends both in and out of the classroom. After a few weeks of training the students were allowed to sign out studio time to hone their new found craft and Bob and Aaron would always sign out time together to try and perform a two parson radio “show” with talk breaks and segueing to and from music. Under the guise of Shade Rock Radio 107.1 WCSB (never aired), the two recorded several shows to better themselves as on air talent. But it wasn’t until Aaron did a commercial for the TV side of CSB for Effen Vodka that the FN namesake appeared in its first iteration. Out of school,  Aaron and Bob hit it off, discussing crazy topics and having good times together, with parties and simply hanging out. Sometime during all of this, Aaron introduced Derrick Woods to Bob and likewise, was introduced to Bob’s roommate, Michael Strout. As fate would have it, Derrick and Michael had previously met as they were both in the night classes of CSB. Bob had a budding home studio (Infinite Boredom Productions) and the four found themselves working under Mad Chronic Productions making jingles and video, just for their own entertainment.

Neil N Bob’s Untold Stories

After graduating from C.S.B., Aaron, Bob, Derrick and Michael all remained friends and hung out at Bob and Michael’s apartment in Waterbury. Then, in January of 2006 Aaron came to Bob with the idea of doing a simple commercial spot for MCP with a catch slogan of “Don’t Get Mad Get Mad Chronic Productions”. That simple 30 second spot snow balled itself into a 30 minute CD known as Neil N Bob’s Untold Stories. Neil N Bob's Untold Stories

Selling the Idea

With the album complete “Neil and Bob” were born, and Aaron and Bob knew they had a funny product on their hands. They pressed albums for their friends and gave them away to strangers. Collectively Aaron and Bob thought to try and find an avenue for their comedy and Bob recalled an interview he had at a radio station when he was at CSB that he turned down because he would have to have the product and he was just starting out. He and Aaron took the disc and set out to the station only to find that when they arrive the station headquarters had moved and all that remained was a Latin station. Clearly bummed Aaron and Bob went to lunch and reflected on the days events.

The First “Sponsor”

When Bob arrived back at his job, his manager at the time Michael “Mik” Mitnik asked how the interview went. When Bob explained his dilemma he also mentioned how he knew of a way to create a radio station himself and how he just didn’t have the starting capital. When Mik asked Bob how much it would cost & Bob explained it would be $20 a Month fee, Mik offered to pay that fee (to Bob’s surprise). Bob, with money in hand turned and called Aaron with the good news.

FN Radio

And so it began, through the use of Live365.Com‘s Internet Radio Hosting Package, The Neil N Bob show aired on Official F’N Radio. The first few shows were exceptionally rough as the crew (Aaron and Bob) didn’t know what they were doing. OFNR - Neil Bob n Woods WorkinIt wasn’t until week three when the show really began. To help produce the show Aaron brought in Derrick Woods (Mr. Woods) to man the board. With 3 Certified professionals running the ship the Neil N Bob Show ran for ten weeks. Neil N Bob - true love It was also during this time when Neil coined the phrase Fucking New Radio which later was voted by the fans as the slogan of the station. Then, just as quickly as it had begun, it ended. For monetary, scheduling, and general personal reasons, the Neil and Bob show ended and Aaron took a sabbatical from the studio. It was then that Derrick Woods stepped in and became the Assistant General Manager and he and Bob along with Michael (who had been recording the shows for Neil N Bob) joined forces and started new programming. OFNR - empty studio PART II | PART III | PART IV | PART V | PART VI


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