Son of a Saint

In 2010, the owner of Kink-E-Magazine introduced OFNR to a band known as The Biting Saints. The band quickly became an instant fan favorite and were heavily e-quested.

After several years, they, like many bands before them, went their separate ways.

Throughout the time with the band, the lead singer, Angel Manuel Lopez, was getting experience working as a graphic artist.

Fast forward 7 years and not only is Angel still a graphic artist, but he is a damn good one.


Many people claim to be ‘graphic designers’, ‘graphic artists’, or ‘digital designers’, but, very few can deliver the goods. They either have an abundance of creativity but don’t have the technical skill to execute the vision, or they have all the skill in the world but are sorely lacking in imagination.

Then, there’s Angel. I have had the good fortune to not only utilize his knowledge, skill and acumen to become a better designer myself, but I have also had the pleasure of calling Angel my friend.

If you need art, Angel is the guy to go to, from poster prints to band merchandise, Angel runs the gamut of amazing craftsmanship, aptitude, and artistic ability putting him in the position to attend the Great Philadelphia Comic Con as a vendor.

You can catch Angel at the Five Points Festival Artist Alley (an area of Five Points reserved for creators who hand draw or hand make art) May 20-21 and of course on the web at these locations.


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