Welcome to the brand new OFNR STUDIOS website.

On September 30th 2017, we closed a major chapter of OFNR history by shutting down Official FN Radio after 11 years of broadcasting. We also decided at that time to completely overhaul the website as well.

This would ensure a new start, a fresh look, and an overall new attitude towards providing quality multimedia to consumers all while maintaining our mission to support global independent rock and metal bands.

Consider OFNR Studios as your one stop shop for marketing your brand utilizing new media. From audio production for your podcast, to video production for your Youtube channel, OFNR has been successfully creating content for brands just like yours for years.

Our ability to create custom high quality multimedia at affordable rates ensures that your brand is being seen and heard everywhere at the highest quality for a fraction of the price it would cost you at a large studio.

Have a look around and contact me today about how OFNR Studios can help evolve your next project.


Photography by ANROVA

Bob Marino, Owner